Best Divorce Lawyers to protect your interest in the court in a divorce case.

At Law Chef, we stand out as a one of the we’ll performed law firm specialized in divorce cases. Our experienced team of Family Lawyers ensures a top-notch representation

Top Divorce Lawyers for Court Cases in Delhi, NCR

Divorce is a process through which a couple part ways legally it can be mutually or contested. For the process of divorce the parties need a divorce lawyer who can represent their case in the court. At LawChef, we stand out as a one of the we’ll performed law firm specialized in divorce cases. Our experienced team of Family Lawyers ensures a top-notch representation, which includes consultancy, guidance through which the parties will be able to tackle the situation. The first step is to search divorce lawyer near me through which the parties have many options and Lawchef is one of them, then a person going through the marital problem either can book a divorce lawyer online consultation with Lawchef or can visit our divorce lawyer office in Noida or in Delhi. We have experts divorce lawyer that can guide you and provide the best possible way in relation to divorce process as we understand the emotional and financial burden and this is the reason, we say that we have the “Best Divorce Lawyers to Protect Your Interest in The Court in A Divorce Case”

Understanding Divorce and its complexities

Divorce is a process of law that formally terminates a marital union, enabling individuals to legally part ways and dissolve their marriage. This procedure shares the resolution of matters like asset division, conjugal rights, maintenance and child custody, typically under the jurisdiction of a court in which the divorce has taken place.

  • Legal Procedures
  • Child Custody
  • Financial Matters
  • Emotional Stress
  • Disputes Over Property

Types of Divorces and the Laws governing Divorce cases

In India, there are primarily two types of divorces:

1. Contested Divorce: When one spouse files for divorce and the other disagrees, contested divorce takes place. It often involves legal proceedings to resolve issues like alimony, child custody, and property division. A person needs a divorce lawyer to resolve the dispute at possible ways without causing any hassle to the client.

2. Mutual Consent Divorce: Both spouses agree to end the marriage and file a joint petition then it’s called mutual consent divorce. They must mutually agree on terms like alimony, child custody, and property division. This process is usually faster compared to a contested divorce because the party has amicably sought out their differences.

Additionally, different personal laws in India govern divorce based on one's religion:

- Hindu Marriage Act: Applicable to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists.

- Muslim Personal Law: Governed by Islamic principles for Muslims.

- Christian Marriage Act: Applies to Christians.

- Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act: Applies to Parsis.

Each personal law has its own set of rules and procedures for divorce.

Why do you need Top LawChef Lawyers for your Divorce Case?

LawChef has excelled many Divorce cases, ensuring the expertise needed for a great defense or administration of justice. Our experienced divorce lawyer understands the complications of a Divorce Case and it's after effects, providing best support and guidance to the aggrieved. We prioritize empathy towards the client, ensuring sensitive handling of your divorce case, with a successful track record, we are committed to securing the best possible outcome i.e. winning the case. Trust us for diligent representation, backed by legal proficiency and a client-centric approach to navigate your divorce case.

Divorce lawyer online consultation

We at LawChef provide online consultation with our divorce lawyers in Delhi & Noida as we understand the value of time. By online consultation if the client gets satisfied, they can have an offline consultation as well with our divorce lawyer and then the party can proceed further. Getting divorce and parting with a partner is not easy it takes a troll on person mental health as well as increases the financial burden. It Is very significant to consult with a divorce lawyer, work on strategy and then proceed further, we at Lawchef understand the gravity of the situation and educate our client the legal ways.

Divorce refers to the dissolution or termination of a valid marriage by either husband or wife. Every religion has a different perspective regarding divorce, for example; divorce is mentioned under sec 13 of The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 as dissolution of marriage by a decree of divorce through the petition filed by either husband or wife. While, on the other hand, Muslims have non-judicial divorces where there is no need of judicial authority to dissolve a marriage.

divorces under Muslim Law is divided as Divorce by the Husband which includes Talaq-ul-Sunnat, Talaq-ul-Biddat, ila and Zihar, divorce by the Wife includes Talaq-i-tafweez and divorce by mutual consent which has two forms, namely Khula and Mubarat.

The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 as amended by the Marriage Laws (Amendment) Act, 1976 provides 7 grounds of Divorce which are Adultery, Cruelty, two years of desertion, conversion to a non hindu religion, virulent and incurable leprosy, venereal disease which is contagious, by becoming a celibate, and, presumption of death.

Cruelty which is a ground for dissolution of marriage is mentioned under Sec 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, and may be defined as willful and unjustifiable conduct of such character as to cause danger to life, limb or health, bodily or mental, or as to give rise to a reasonable apprehension of such a danger.

The process and grounds for filing a plea for separation by a husband are same as that for a wife, which include cruelty, desertion, conversion, adultery, disease, mental disorder, renunciation, and presumption of death.

The fees of a lawyer vary from client to client but most of the lawyers’ charges according to the litigation cost it includes paperwork, clerk work, staff work, misc cost etc.

Now a days finding a divorce lawyer is easy as one can search through the internet Divorce lawyer office near me and it shows multiple result or can search according to their jurisdiction like Divorce lawyer in Noida or in Delhi. One can also just search Law Chef and find our best divorce lawyer.

The party with lack of evidence or who do not have strategy loses the case mostly. It is best to hire the divorce lawyer from Law Chef or consult us as we can guide you and we know our job.

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