Cheque Bounce

A term that most of the people are aware of,but do you know that there is a specific law i.e. negotiable instrument? And a person can be penalized as it is a criminal offence? Do not stress yourself Lawchef has every answers.

Gift Dispute

Registration of gift deed is utmost significant to prove the authenticity or else it will be not recognized as a valid deed. You can gift the property but it should be with free consent and without any consideration.

Loan Dispute

A Loan Dispute on the other hand refers to the disagreements that develop between a borrower and a lender as a result of a change in circumstances.

Negotiable Instruments

Cheques, Promissory Notes, Certificates of Deposit (CD) or Bills of Exchange are types of negotiable instrument; it is a document guaranteeing the payment within a time period whose payer is named in the document itself. There is an act also that protects your legal right and it is a criminal process.

Payment Dispute

Payment dispute has become the most common phenomenon as people borrow the amount or do business through credit and fails to return the payment back. Do you know that through civil, criminal and commercial laws the dispute can be resolved even there is also a medium called mediation that can help to settle the dispute sooner.