Company Formation

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

A limited liability partnership is a type of company that enables the partners to handle their internal affairs in accordance with an agreement reached by both parties, much like in the case of a partnership firm

One Person Company (OPC)

OPC is a distinct legal entity. Legal standing and public acclaim for your company. It boosts the trust of customers and suppliers in doing business. A nominee may succeed to the corporation upon death or disability


A group of two or more people who collaborate to run a business or engage in trade is known as a partnership. Each individual provides something—cash, goods, labour, or skills—and shares in the company's gains and losses.

Public Limited Company

A PLC is a company that has opened its stock to the general public. The holders of such shares are limited in their liabilities and are therefore not responsible for whichever economic loss in excess of the price of such shares.

Private Limited Company

A few people privately form a corporation known as a private limited company. A private limited company's stockholders are unable to conduct public share trading.