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Lawchef provides an opportunity for the public at large to solve their legal issues at an affordable price. We believe in natural justice where every section of people has the right to get legal help. Law protects your right and fix your boundary; any kind of infringement makes you liable for punishment either monetary or non-monetary.

It is a technologically advanced platform where clients and qualified lawyers may connect. Our expert legal advisors are trained in such a way that they first comprehend your legal situation, then, based on the information at hand, they carefully consider the value of your case and convey the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing it.

Society has always valued legal counsel, and you will probably find a lot of lawyers nearby. However, we have found that many people are apprehensive about discussing their legal problems with lawyers out of concern that they will not be honest about their costs and time. As a result, we built lawchef so that you can effectively communicate with lawyers and select your legal counsel based on the necessity and evaluation of your project. Your comments and the progress of your case will be benchmarks for our lawyer to get their next assignment.

  • Vision

    To provide budget-friendly legal help to all societal segments

  • Mission

    To emphasize conciliation over litigation


Words From Clients

I contacted Lawchef to assist with a somewhat scary situation in which I was being sued personally for something that wasn't our fault. I was concerned we would lose everything, but after only a few sessions, the lawchef team had us under control.

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  • Ankur Singh

The Lawchef team was not only very competent in a child custody dispute, but also very sensitive to the fact that it was turning out to be a stressful event for everyone concerned. team would regularly "check in" with us to make sure we were aware of what was going on.

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  • Surbhi Arora

The Lawchef team is the best I've ever worked with for contract drafting. He was very responsive when I had questions outside of our sessions and has always explained things to me in language I can readily understand.

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  • Subodh Gupta

    (Swastik International)

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