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A Rent Deed is a legally binding agreement which has all the details related to tenancy, it is also known as a leave and license agreement in the state of West Bengal.

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What is an Agreement for Rent?

An agreement for rent is a legally binding agreement which has all the details related to tenancy, it is also known as leave and license agreement in the state of West Bengal. It is an agreement made between the landlord and the tenant, where both the parties have to act in accordance with the terms and conditions as specified in the agreement. The aim of the rental should be either residential or commercial.

In India, the rental business is one of the most popular ways of passive earning, where a lot of people are renting their properties to those who pay an adequate amount of rent for such properties. So, in order to protect the right of both tenants and landlords, the Union Government has passed the Model Tenancy Act, 2021, addressing the inadequacies of Rent Control Laws in India. Previously, several other bills had been passed to keep a check on the rents and the properties.

This agreement is similar to that of a lease agreement in terms of characteristics but is made for a shorter span. A rental agreement is generally on monthly basis, where the tenant has to pay the rent every month. However, many landlords choose to enter into an agreement for duration of 11 months with an option of renewing the agreement after its expiration. Although the terms and conditions of the agreement may be different from case to case keeping in mind the convenience of both the parties.

The essential conditions that are necessary in a deed for rent are mentioned below:

• Details of both the parties true to their knowledge.

• Signatures of both the parties.

• Payment details which the parties have agreed upon.

• Duration of tenancy.

• Rights and responsibilities of the parties.

In addition to the previously mentioned information, both parties must present a list of documents in order to register a deed or agreement for rent to the sub-registrar’s office, which are mentioned below:

• Government approved ID proofs. Example – Aadhar Card, Pan Card, etc.

• Two passport size photographs.

The registration process is done on a stamp paper. Some States or Territories like Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Uttar Pradesh have the provision of getting an e-stamp paper as well. Once the details are filled, take the stamp paper to a sub-registrar’s office near-by. It has grown in popularity, particularly in the developing nations like India. As a result, the government has enacted laws that are meant to act as the guidelines while creating rental agreements and these laws have made the registration mandatory.

The registration of the rent deed serves as valid proof in case of any potential dispute. It is required to have a registered rental agreement if you are renting a home for at least 11 months or more. The registration of tenancy agreement is a must if one wants to be free from any future disputes. Thus, a rent deed made by a professional that covers every aspect of tenancy will be favorable for both the parties.

A Rent Deed is a legally binding agreement which has all the details related to tenancy. It is an agreement made between the owner of the property and the tenant. It is usually created for a span of 11 months; however, the agreement can be renewed after the expiration period with the consent of both parties.

Model Tenancy Act, 2021. Unlike the previous Act, the new one fixes only two months' rent as a security deposit in case of a residential property and rent of six months in case of a commercial property. It is the government's efforts to institutionalize rental housing by gradually bringing it into the legal market.

The purpose of Model Tenancy Act, 2021 is to protect the right of both tenants and landlords; it not only safeguards the interest of the tenants and the landlords but also provides the regulations and sets boundaries when it comes to the amount of rent, so the landlords couldn’t exploit the tenants.

As of now, the states that allow e-Stamping include Assam, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi-NCR, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. The rest of the states don’t provide the facility of e-stamps currently but can start providing them soon.

The rent deed/ agreement created by a lawyer is very important as it serves as valid proof in case of any potential dispute. It is required to have a registered rental agreement if you are renting a home for at least 11 months or more. The rent deed must be created very carefully keeping the convenience of both the parties.

The cost of a rent agreement in Delhi varies depending on factors like property value and the services of professionals involved. Generally, it can range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand rupees.

Common documents required for a rent agreement in Delhi include:

1. Identity proof of landlord and tenant (Aadhar card, passport, etc.)

2. Address proof of landlord and tenant.

3. Passport-sized photographs of both parties.

4. Details of the property being rented.

5. Non-refundable token amount or security deposit details.

6. Terms and conditions mutually agreed upon by the landlord and tenant.

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